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About the author

Mum. Dreamer. Libra. Blogger. Freelance Photographer. Translator. Foe of vegemite, cricket and jet lag.  


Alexandra's heart is in South Moravia, her home in West Yorkshire, her soul in the mountains. She is madly in love with Polynesia, a passionate photographer and since 2011 living Down Under. When she was a kid, working on the vineyards admiring the Mušov lake, she dreamed of distant places, which she read about in Mr Stingl's books.


She later began writing as a VIP blogger for Czech national newspaper and a number of travel magazines. 


Before the sea called her to the Northern Beaches in Sydney, she lived in France and England. 


They want to start
anew and forget.

Is Australia far enough?

Where the sea 

Determined to forget and start again, a young Czech woman sets out to Australia, where a (un)happy coincidence connects two lives into one story about
love for their homeland, nature, family and self.
Throughout her journey, she learns about Australian history and indulges in her love for discovery, all while gaining valuable insights into contemporary Australian culture and landscape.

What readers say


A very nice story that caresses the souls. You can learn a lot of interesting things about the history of Australia ... I would immediately pack my backpack and go to Sydney ... Very beautiful book.


Kara is looking for a new direction in life. With the roar and rustle of the ocean, this search certainly didn't lack magic, so I was quite envious of her journey.


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"Never again will you be the same person
as you were when you left your home."

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